Our Story

The Spark

The idea for Troubadour Watch was forged in early 2021.  Shane, the founder, loves diver watches, music, and playing guitar.  He noticed the circle of fifths while reviewing his son's college materials on music theory.  Shane wanted to know what chords to play in a key without trial and error.  

The circle of fifths was nice but really needed to have Roman numeral analysis to be helpful.  Also, the static orientation that was typically presented with C on top was awkward when you wanted to be in another key.  The circle of fifths needed to rotate like the bezel on his dive watch so the major key could be put at the top and align with Roman numerals on the dial.  The minor key arc was later added so the relative minor key would align in the same position on the watch as the major key.  This orientation also happened to be helpful when determining modes via the LIMDAPL mnemonic.  

This design provided a beautiful and concise tool that fits on the wrist as the Troubadour Watch.  Most musicians will find they play their instrument much more than they go diving.  We made this watch to be enjoyed and we hope you love it!