More than a Valentine's Day Gift- It's a tool

More than a Valentine's Day Gift- It's a tool

I know you're struggling to find the right gift for the man you love this Valentine's Day. Give them something they will not only love but something they will use, too.

What makes a Troubadour Watch so helpful?

The Troubadour Watch's unique bezel

When musicians first encounter a Troubadour Watch, you can hear them whisper, "wow," in awe. This comes from its unique bezel (the "dial" on the outside of the watch). A Troubadour Watch is unique because its bezel features the Circle of Fifths.

You might not know the Circle of Fifths if you're not a musician. But if you are a musician, you can immediately see the value of this watch as a helpful tool. Thanks to this unique feature, your love can use their Troubadour Watch to:

  • Write you a new love song. Most western music is based upon a series of chords: the Circle of Fifths. Your musician needs to dial in the key of their choice, and they can see how the chords best fit together to write you a new love song.
  • Transpose of your favorite song into a key they can sing. I know you are thinking about your favorite love song. Perhaps it's "your" song. Wouldn't it be a thrill for your lover to sing it to you? Well, some people's voices have different ranges. So, even if your partner has a great singing voice, they might need to be able to sing in a different range than your favorite artist. However, thanks to the Circle of Fifths on the Troubadour Watch's bezel, they can easily convert "your song" into something they can sing for you.

Another subtle feature we've added to the Troubadour Watch to help them use the bezel- is the quick-adjusting clasp. When you usually wear a watch, its face matches the back of your hand. However, if you play guitar (or other instruments), the watch face now faces away from you. We thought of that problem and fixed it in our design by adding a quick adjusting clasp. This clasp makes it easy to flip the watch around without taking it off. Now the watch face can easily transition to the palm side of the hand, and your guitarist can see the Circle of Fifths easily.

The Troubadour Watch's durability

Any musician knows that their instrument takes a beating. Even if they don't make a living playing it, they want to protect it so they can keep playing and avoid expensive repairs. Who knew that the life of a musician was so rough?

That's why we built-in several features to the Troubadour Watch to make it extra durable. First of all, its band and case are made of durable stainless steel, making it resistant to scratches and dings. On top of that, the crystal (the "glass" protecting the face) is sapphire. That makes it very durable and scratch-resistant.

The Troubadour Watch's durability makes this valuable tool something that will last a long time. They don't have to worry about their watch- they can focus on protecting their instrument.


Not only is a Troubadour Watch a great Valentine's Day gift for its function, but it's also beautiful. Troubadour Watches are available in several colors.

Purchase a Troubadour Watch for your Valentine. It's a gift they will love and use every day.



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