Lumens in Troubadour Watches

Lumens in Troubadour Watches

We built Troubadour watches to be a tool for a musician. As a result, we created many details in the watch to make it beautiful and functional. One of these features is our C3 Blue Line X1 Grade Superluminova.

Why is the lumen crucial for this musician's tool watch?

You might be in the spotlight, but only some musicians have that honor or opportunity. Whether playing background music in a wine bar or playing in the pit for a musical, you sometimes don't have the luxury of good lighting conditions for performance. That's why lumens on your Troubadour watch are so important.

Deep into the Night

Bright lume shots never tell the full story of a watch.  By choosing C3 Blue Line X1 Grade Superluminova, we've chosen the most brilliant option for you that will last deep into the night. 

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